Sunday, December 22, 2013


Tulum is a small town south of Playa del Carmen. The city itself reminds a little bit of Playa del Carmen but less commercialized and the beaches are different. 

We took the ADO bus from Avenida 5 and Benito Juarez for about 70 pesos one way. 45 minutes later we arrived and started our walk towards the beach. We bought a ticket from a salesman next to the bus. This is something you do not have to do, we actually could have been better without. The walk started with Maya ruins where we guided ourselves around and were impressed. They are located on a huge rock above the ocean so the view is fantastic. 

After walking for about 40 minutes we finally realized where the beach was that the salesman had recommended to us. It is quite a walk and there are taxis nearby for those who do not want to walk. We walked and the beach was amazing. You know those post cards where a bent palm tree is in focus with a white sand beach and clear blue water in the background? That must have been taken there!

We went on a snorkeling tour which was not spectacular but worth a go anyway. The rest of the day was spent on the beach and on a restaurant located just by the water. Great food was served!

Overall, Tulum definitely is worth seeing. One day was enough for us. We took a taxi back to the city and grabbed an ADO bus back home again.
Maya ruins

Lots of people enjoying the ocean

The fantastic beach

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